Why are some options listed but not traded?

Hi, I have some options of Idea in my marketwatch, but I don’t seem to be able to place orders to buy or sell the same. It seems like they are not being traded at all. I place a limit order on LTP, it gets rejected saying that the price is above/below circuit limit. Market Depth doesn’t show any bids or offers on the same as well. When I try to fetch the trade chart it says Error while fetching chart data. It is like these are ghost options not allowed to be traded.

I am sure I am doing something wrong. Has anyone experienced the same? Why is this happening?


You can check Option chain here.
There are No Open Intrest for there Option chain Thats why you are getting these notifications.

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Liquidity on stock options is very less. Even lesser if you are trading second month contracts at the start of first month. In this case, you are trying to trade November, when october has just started. So yeah, you are right, no traded volumes on this, and hence you see no liquidity on market depth or open charts for the same.

Check this NSE option chain.

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That seems to explain my situation a little bit.

Although I will be researching about the Option Chain myself as well, but can you please provide me a brief idea about the same as a preliminary guidance?

I now seem to be able to get a rough picture on why some options are not traded…

Suggest you to go through the F&O module here: https://zerodha.com/varsity/