Why are STT charges high in CNC Intraday?


On 13th I bought 50 stocks of AUROPHARMA at 908. So on 14th this purchase was under status T1. Now on 14th I did another trade of buying 50 share of AUROPHARMA at 873.3…was trying to average out my previous day purchase…but then decided to sell as intraday and sold it at 875.75. Now as per Zero Brokerage calculator my gross profit is INR 122.50 and after tax deduction net p&l is 75.84. How under console.zerodha.com I have incurred a loss of INR 110.97 with the below charges:

Brokerage 26.24
Central GST 0
Clearing Charges 0
Exchange Transaction Charges 7.96
Integrated GST 6.16
SEBI Turnover Fees 0.12
Securities Transaction Tax 168.00

Stamp Duty 25.00

State GST 0

Can anyone explain the high STT charges?


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That’s a good question. Can someone from Zerodha official team explain this anamoly?

STT charges does not match the Zerodha cost calculator.

@Shailesh66 First you haven’t mentioned whether you sold total of 100 stocks or only 50 stocks? Either way, on 14th day buy and sell Cost on Intraday should be around 47.75, Max of 50 charges STT Should be around 12 Rs. For both Buy and sell of total quantity of 100 is 100 Max But i see 168! You should put all trade book to make it clear!

@Gautam You want to sue? Lol! Calm down Calculate trade by trade! You won’t see any discrepancy.

And over all! Charges are nothing! Seriously nothing! compared to what actually should be gained on being good trade.


One: Margin calculator sometimes not updated. I haven’t used recently. But Using Calculator according to trades taken! I don’t think so it will show wrong at all! Buy and sell price should mention correctly and QTY! It’s fine as far as I know!