Why aren't FNO-Equity contracts sold automatically?

Why aren’t FNO-Equity contracts sold automatically? In case I have downed 20% margin and bought an FNO-contract, and the price of the contract falls 25%, I should be automatically sold out correct? Why isnt that happening?It was happening two-three years ago, why is it not happening now?

I was f***g fined for not having enough margin. and It bled me through the nose. Whereas my position must have been squared off in the first place, instead I paid a fine. Stop this madness. How can we set up such a thing (Please f***g dont tell me about stop-losses)

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For all such issues write to Zerodha Directly - [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

Alternately you can open a ticket at http://support.zerodha.com/

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Ajay Shah
You sound like zerodha support. I am highly unsatisfied with the naswer I received from them. This question is not to ask to zerodha support parrots. Bur rather to ask to other traders who face similar issue… I might change brokers if needed. I lost my whole trading account due to this nonsense crap.

I am not from zerodha support. I was trying to help you out. When support is not able to resolve an issue, one should contact [email protected] and [email protected] with the specific ticket numbers… I did the same when faced with this kind of issues and they got resolved quickly.
This is another forum where you might want to post you issue.

Thanks Ajay, what kind of solution they offered to you? I just want the margin requirements to be strictly followed, these trades are stuck with me like a chewing-gum on finger, even when the margin requirements increase and the market starts to fall. I end up owing margin-fines to them. That sucks.