Why Back test only on 12 AM

When I am backtesting a simple strategy i.e buy when previous close crosses above 50 Moving average on Daily chart with 1.0% SL and 1.0% profit, backtesting results always shows trigger at 12:00 AM.

I dont know why it is happening like this ?

Does anyone knows this ?

The backtest always shows the start time of the signal candle. So if the crossover happened on 4th June on daily chart, the time is shown as 12:00 AM i.e when the day actually begins according to calendar. Time will be different if you use smaller candle intervals. Understandable ?

So if I deploy this strategy than at what time it will send me the trigger ?

Quite obviously, the actual time at which it will be triggered

They send all signals on candle close. So if deployed on daily, the notification will come after market close on that particular day when signal is generated. You can confirm this from their support team

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That’s correct! The daily candle data has the following format 2018-07-03 00:00:00. The data when converted to 12 Hrs format, gives the time as 12:00 AM.

Now the trade did not take place at 12:00 AM. It signifies, that the signal was verified when the day candle closed. The trade is to be taken at the next day open price. @Smit_Shah

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@Renko_Jhunjunwala @Krishnendu Thank you so much