Why biocon gave bonus so frequently?


The gap between first and second bonus is almost 10 years.
But the after 2017 bonus why biocon immediately gave bonus after 2 years ?

More profit? or Fishy operations?

No fundamental analyst here in the forum?

I am not a fundamental analyst but sharing my 2 cents based on my little knowledge.

  1. 2 years gap between bonus is not a small duration, many companies are there which declare dividends quarterly or yearly based on their growth cycle.
  2. Generally matured companies give dividends as they don’t find many opportunities to invest for growth.
  3. We should also be aware as generally promoters hold the most major chunk of declared dividends will go to them and that is the reason we see too often many psu declaring dividends as it goes to government.

You can check fundamental analysis topic here from varsity and can shoot your questions directly to karthik on fundamentals here or on varsity.

Thanks Siva for your views

does that means instead of declaring dividend they declared bonus shares ?