Why brokerage on G-Sec?


I came to realize that NSE GoBid is not charging a single dime for the Tbills or Gsec purchased via them. If you purchase via them - the bonds/tbills will come to your demat anyhow.

May I ask why zerodha is asking 6 Rs per 10K? If zerodha can let go commission on equity purchases, why not here? . @nithin

Why I am advocating for no brokerage?

  • While purchasing Tbills etc, this brokerage amount hampers the return on investment. (The more amout…the more returns are affected)
  • People are already paying yearly AMC for demat.
  • If one decides to sell (before maturity, you’re going to make money.

This is just a #suggestion.

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We started charging brokerage before NSE started this.

If I am not wrong your yield may go down by 6 basis points which I think won’t hampers any one’s investment. So it is 6 rs for every 10k investment.

Now as Gsecs are traded on exchange, one can sell on exchange itself.

I don’t understand this fascination of people expecting things for free. It’s a platform and there are costs involved in running it. People have no qualms paying 15 bps to 45bps for a debt fund but 6 bps and you have a problem? By this logic, would you ask an AMC to charge 0 for a debt fund given that they make a lot of money from equity mutual fund?

Also, why don’t you use Gobid then?

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Thanks for the informative query.