Why candle from Zerodha daily chart does not match with nseindia.com?


I have found a strange scenario where today’s candle of DRREDDY does not match with nseindia.com website. Date - 2019-05-30

Need help.

What time chart u kept in zerodha chart,
5 min, 10 min, 15 min or 1 hr or 2 hr

1 Day

That’s why it was looking like that


today high and low price of Dr reddy is 2593 Rs and 2659,
Since u kept 1 day chart, each candle indicates 1 day,
See the high and low in the chart u post

Not all ticks may get recorded at Zerodha side

The chart shown in nse is today’s graph,
The chart shown in the zerodha graph u posted is, each candle shows one day, last candle only shows today.