Why cant i see the company LEHAR in zerodha since 2 days

What happens to stocks like goyal aluminium and lehar when they are not traded? Lehar suddenly stopped trading from 2 days and i would like to know the reason.

Leher Footwears and Goyal Aluminium have been moved to Enhanced Surveillance Measure (ESM) Stage II by the exchanges, and are suspended from trading. Since the stocks are suspended, these will not show in your holdings on Kite, however you can check in Console holdings.

Also, exchanges recently make revision to ESM Stage II framework, any stock moving to ESM Stage II will not be suspended from trading and will be allowed to trade on all trading days from July 24, 2023 onwards. You can learn more on this here: Revision in Enhanced Surveillance Measure (ESM) Stage II framework

Thank you so much mate