Why cant we have the status of the portfolio which shows the gain or loss in Zerodha Webform

Right now in the Zeroda web trade form, if we need to check the gain or loss then we have to go for back office website to check the status.

Is it possible to have a portfolio direclty in the trading webform where we could able to see the scripts and its gain or loss.

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Presently the trading and backoffice interface at Zerodha is not integrated real time, it is on our list of things to be done. But do check out our new BO:¬†https://bo2.zerodha.com, it is best to ask Zerodha¬†related questions on Zconnect, or shoot an email to [email protected]


Q website is having this option of portfolio. Q is in beta version.
Until the portfolio gets released in stable version in zerodha, can you use some other websites like economic times etc., additionally to get the profit or loss as single summary. Just a suggestion.