Why Coin is not allowing us to create AMC SIP for existing funds?

When i tried to create AMC SIP for already purchased funds, it is not allowing to do. whats the reason behind this?

Wait what. I have been investing manually in 2-3 funds. Now if I wanted to create AMC sip, I wouldn’t be allowed to do that? Is that correct @ShubhS9

An AMC SIP typically restricts the various features that you get in the Zerodha SIP, when you create a Zerodha SIP you can control the SIP attributes (like pause SIP, edit SIP, step-up SIP, delete SIP, etc) using the Coin interface whereas an AMC SIP cannot be edited or passed and should be deleted 2 days prior to the next SIP date and is a bit rigid.

So if you have done a first time purchase in a scheme we allow you to create a Zerodha SIP because of the flexibility you get.

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Thanks for the clarification @Neelesh