Why do I have the Asterisk symbol * after the SunPharma stock on my holdings?

I have SunPharma stock on my holdings. I can see an asterisk symbol ( * ) after the stock name - SUNPHARMA*

Does it indicate anything?

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It is indication that some corporate action is going on in that stock.

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Hmm. Okay. Thanks. It usually indicated by the name ‘Event’.

This is done by BSE, they put (*) in front of stocks that are going through any corporate action.

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Yeah, ok. But I bought the stock from NSE.

Stocks in your Demat account don’t have exchange associated to them, so LTP on Kite Holdings is shown from Exchange where previous day’s close was higher, for Sun Pharma, yesterday’s close must be higher on BSE, that is why you are seeing (*) in front of Sun Pharma.


That’s great, I didn’t knew that. :+1:

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What kind of corporate actions are there? Can we sell shares in meanwhile?

Corporate actions like Rights Issue, Bonus Issue, Split, Takeover, Buyback, Dividends etc. Yes, you can sell.

In my console holdings , it shows sunpharma6 , havells6 and godprop6 , bcz of same reason , any corp. actions ?

Same question. 6 after the ticker. PRICOLLTD in my case.

Any idea what it is @ShubhS9 ?