Why do I need to upload a screenshot to get a credit of funds transferred via IMPS?

Why can’t Zerodha just update funds coming from the registered bank account? When making the transfer from mobile, this isn’t efficient and I end up missing trade opportunities.

Currently, not all banks give us bank account number from where the funds have reached us when transferred using UPI/IMPS. Unless we know that, there is no way we will know whom to update the funds for. Hence we ask for the clients to upload the screenshot. If a bank sends us your account number, we will update within 5 mins even if you don’t update screenshot. RBI has mandated that all banks should share account numbers when IMPS/UPI transfers happen, by March 31st, 2017. So hopefully soon, we will not need to ask you for your screenshots.


Wouldn’t this problem be solved by performing pull transfers (Collect transactions) using UPI. Zerodha can request client’s Virtual Payment Address and request the fund and upon successful transaction update the funds in client’s trading account.

What happened to the March 31st, 2017 deadline?

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