Why do people hesitate to invest in the stock market?

Because people confuse Stock market with Gambling in India. Majority thinks that making money through Stock market is a matter of luck and there is no logic involved in it. However I completely dis-agree with these assumptions.

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People just hesitate coz they are not prepared to take risk. They just love to put their money in the FD’s and quite happy in getting a fixed rate of return.

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People hesitate to invest in the market because people want to a good returns in a short period of time. For which they invest in the market with having any knowledge like, what, when and why to buy. Simply they just buy the shares even if it is trading at a new high, and then from there it starts moving downloads which makes their position in loss.

later they will tell their failure stories to others without finding out their mistake which they have made. and create a rumour like trading is just based on your luck or its gambling.

“Every business or things requires time to built”. No one can became rich in one day.



This video might help. Hope you understand hindi.


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Most of the people are not aware of technical analysis which generally help a trader to make profit. I am sure that majority of people don't even know about short selling.

So, it is the lack of awareness due to which people want to play safe and rather then investing in shares they go for PPF and FD etc.

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Most of the people hesitate to invest in a stock market because they think it is for rich people only. Many people have fear of losing money in the market and some of them have misbelief that it is like gambling but its totally wrong. This hesitation can overcome by learning about the stock market, People should take a basic overview of the market in order to avoid fear and hesitation.