Why do the charges in the Verified P&L appear as losses?

Hi @nithin Here is my Verified P&L

Upon review, it may seem like I’ve had numerous red days, but in reality, there have been only one or two; the rest of the red figures are charges that have also affected the accuracy of the longest streak data.
Often, the days we engage in trades but do not close the position and secure profits end up being shown as losses due to these charges. The primary purpose of a verified P&L statement is to offer a transparent evaluation of trading performance, excluding associated expenses. Ideally, a verified P&L should reflect the gross profit or loss from trades, without considering brokerage fees or other charges. This is the standard practice in other brokerage firms.

Could you please address why Zerodha’s verified P&L statement does not follow this practice and will it be fixed?

Thank you.

Hmmm… Without brokerage and other taxes?

In my opinion yes, at least charges should not be displayed as loss-making day. Instead, they can be presented differently, using a different color than red or any other UI enhancement. For a better understanding, I have created a collage that illustrates how badly Verified P&L changes the actual trading performance. I hope you understand my point and can provide a solution for it.