Why does Kite not display the MCX spot prices?

Right now we can only view the Futures prices for the commodities but there are no spot price charts available. Charting platforms like Investors.com provide the spot prices.

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On Indian commodity exchanges only futures trade, there is no concept of spot. There used to be one spot exchange called NSEL, which closed due to a scam.

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Thank you for your reply Nithin.
I asked because I found Investing.com https://in.investing.com/commodities/natural-gas-streaming-chart?cid=49787 to have the complete MCX charts.
Could you please check it out? The link I have provided is for Natural Gas but almost all the actively traded commodities of MCX can be found with a SPOT chart.

Me too having the same problem

Hmm… it says futures isn’t it?

Ah yes, sorry about that. What I mean by spot is, the aforementioned site has a chart with the complete historical data.
The Futures scrip on Kite only has the data for the previous couple of months (Natural Gas Nov scrip chart has the futures price data beginning from Sept).
Is there any possibility of having a complete chart with the historical data like the one mentioned above?
P.S - I can understand you might already have your plate full right now and this might be too small a thing you would want to deal with right now. :slight_smile:

We can also call the charts I’m talking about daily and weekly rollover continuous charts.

Hi Nithin

Is the Crude Oil traded on MCX (I mean the F&O contracts) benchmarked on WTI or Brent Crude?

I dont see any price charts for Brent Crude…unless I am missing something.


How do I add 50 stocks listed in Nifty on kite just like how you had In PI? And BANKNIFTY respectively

For settlement on the expiry day, MCX considers the settlement price of WTI Crudeoil futures which trades on NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange). You can go through the MCX Crudeoil contract specification and the product brochure which explains everything you need to know about Crudeoil trading on MCX.

On Kite, you’ll be able to see the charts for contracts which trade on the Indian exchanges of which we are a member of. For now, you’ll have to refer to thrid party website which provide this data.



  1. Regarding option contracts for crude oil on Kite - I see the default quantity as “1” where as my understanding is it should be “100” as the lot size is 100…why is this so?

  2. I dont see any Mini contracts for Crude

Quantity is represented in lots on mcx, 1 lot will have 100 barrels, so 1 rupee change will make 100 rs change in pnl.

Exchanges stopped mini contracts.

Can anyone answer?

You have to add individually as of now, once added they will be saved indefinitely till you delete them.