Why does stock price for Andhra cements show different on NSE and on Kite?

Price on NSE and Kite

Andhra Cements is currently trading in the BE category You are checking the normal/EQ category price on Kite and BE category on NSE website.

Whenever there is excessive speculation in a stock it is moved to BE or T2T (trade to trade) category. This is because intraday trades are not allowed in the BE segment. One has to take delivery of shares before they can sell it, that is only after T+2 days where T day is the day of purchase.

Any given stock can trade only in one category - either EQ or BE. It cannot trade in both. When the stock is trading in the BE category, there will be no trading allowed in the EQ category. While searching for a BE category stock in Kite, you have to suffix BE after the name of the stock. For Andhra Cements, the symbol is ANDHRACEMT and to add the BE category stock in Kite, you have to type ABDHRACEMT BE in the universal search bar.

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BE stands for Book Entry. What this means is that when a stock is purchased in the BE category, one has to take delivery of the stock(it must be entered into the books) to be able to sell it. Intraday trading as well as BTST trading isn’t allowed in stocks that fall in the BE category.

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