Why does the deployed algo in Streak doesn't execute the order automatically?

Maybe you can try googling with sebi circular on algo trading.

Still it remains in same boat. Automatic order are not going through.
If it is manual intervention. Then no use of Algo

Ya. Also there are free APIs like that given by FYERS, Alice blue and paid APIs like upstox, zerodha. For an individual trader one can connect to one of these APIs and auto trade.

On a side not some people with collocated servers get data faster than most of the retail. Hence the retail loose an edge over speed and time, I wonder why there is a barrier on commercial retail auto trading. There are no additional risks other than tech risk of failure as orders flowing through broker APIs go through their risk managed order management systems. This is on top of throttling limits in the API itself. The important thing in trading is to follow a plan day in day out. Auto trading will help to bring that discipline in play.


Can I deploy algos on Streak now? Have you gotten the regulatory approvals? What regulations are these and where are they?

hi @shinigami84

Streak still provides trigger alerts based on the standard guidelines as per the regulations.

While the whole world allows this, they won’t, till eternity. Already stopped using streak and shifted elsewhere.