Why does the deployed algo in Streak doesn't execute the order automatically?

After deploying the algos, whenever the condition is met a blue signal is flagged on that algo and orderbook icon pops up asking the user to execute the order.
Why is presence required for the order executed to be executed ?

Automation isn’t allowed for retail investors.

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That is correct, we are working on getting regulatory approvals . Once we have the approvals we will let you know. You can also download our android app to also on the go.

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Thank you for the inputs.

order should get executed automatically

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Is there any update on getting regulatory approvals for streak order execution ?

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Hi Mehul,

It’s still work in progress.


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@Streak @siva-reddy What are the probabilities that we’ll get that feature in the next year or two. Because working professionals cannot look at the screen all the time. Is there any way to execute orders if the computer is on and not need to actually click on the notification?

We can do in a day if SEBI allows this to happen but unfortunately regulators are against allowing algo trading to retailers, so, only once this rule is changed this is possible.


Hi, you can use this chrome plugin.
I created it and have been using for myself personally, thought of sharing it with other fellow traders, hope it helps :slight_smile:

  1. Install the plugin(keep updating to latest version frequently)
  2. Log into kite in chrome
  3. Open new tab in chrome and log into Streak
  4. Deploy your strategy and sit back and watch, make sure not to close the browser or close chrome.
    Cheers !
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for this software, can we minimize the browser and still auto trade?
plz ans my question sir


Why is this?

Are they saying that retail traders pose a systemic risk to the market?

with proper checks and balances , the risk should be minimal.

institutional fat fingers are allowed and goes unchecked, but oh no retail cannot have automated trades.

emm agree with you but that’s the rule, we have to follow it.

Yes, as long as, the browser doesn’t close and internet is available and you get notifications it will work.

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i tried this software but when browser get minimize or when computer go to sleep TradeRocket is not working

any solution

When the computer goes to sleep then computer stops browser so the connection to kite is closed from broswer.

Two simple solutions come to mind.

  1. Change your system setting to not to go sleep and just lock the screen
  2. My this post Fully auto trading - #50 by TradeRocket

Hope this helps.

Then why do they allow kite connect to automatically trade, and need to sign in to your account only once a day? …Why cannot they allow the same for streak?..

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From what i understand, commercially auto-trading cannot be provided to retail trades, where the orders for many users are triggered from single/few set of servers.
So from your own system in your house you can do what ever you want, and in this case the risk is borne by you in-case of any missed orders/bad prices etc.

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@siva-reddy @Streak Can you point to any articles about retailers doing auto or algo trading? I tried searching for it and couldn’t find them. Can you please post it here?