Why doesnt zerodha introduce good till cancel order?

They are specialy helpful for those who do not do homework everyday and passive investors now one brokage in offering it in india???

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in Kotak securities they do have GTC or GTD order, but in Zerodha we dont have …

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Any update on this ? MOST brokers have GTC order … am I missing something - dont see it on kite

Any update on this?


Even in Axis Direct, they have the option Good till cancel (GTC). No need to place the order everyday, just once is enough.

It will be very useful if we get that option in zerodha as we are not regular traders. Just passive investors.


We are close on this, this option should be available soon.

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I can’t give exact time, but hopefully in next few weeks.

Sharekhan has it and it is super feature. Put order once and just relax for days…

ICICI Direct also has the GTC feature. It helps a lot to take swing trades. It is not worth to place the stop loss order everyday specially for busy people.

So which brokers allow GTC/VTC Stop Loss orders? I was under the impression that Stop Loss orders aren’t GTC on any of the brokers’ platforms.

Any update Siva?

As we are working on many other things at same time this has been pushed, but surely this is in our priority list.

I will definitely switch over even if I have to pay more … Swing trading cannot be made more complicated … GTC is too basic to be missed out by a trading platform …

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Please update about VTC/GTC . .

Hi Siva
Is there any update regarding Good Till Cancel ? Its been one and a half years since your post

Due to some technical challenges it got delayed but currently it is in testing phase , once this is done should be available, may take time though.

Thanks for the reply Siva.
If its in testing then should i assume development is more or less done ?
Any approximate timeline ? Weeks / Months ?

May take couple of months.