Why don't i have a GTC order option?



i am using TradeTiger for last 6 years and my trading strategies require the GTC Order types. it helps me to keep the order in market till my conditions are met as it is difficult to access the terminal everyday.

since i have started using Zerodha i found that there is no option for a GTC Order type.

can you update me on why is it not there and if you plan to integrate this option in near future?

my trading continuation with Zerodha will be highly based on the GTC decision.

GTC order- not available in Zerodha
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Why zerodha do not allow GTC orders. Is there any road map to get this feature


This is on our list of things to do. It is tough because exchanges don’t support this, we have to build like our own layer to maintain and manage these orders like sharekhan is doing.

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Dude GTC Orders are Core to us… When will this be done ??


Slowly but surely, GTC orders will be introduced when Zerodha builds a GTC layer over the orderbook to maintain and manage orders as said by Nithin. We’ll keep you posted when this is made possible.


Thanks but this is taking a long time… Other brokers have it…



I find GTC ( Good Till Cancellation) is not available in Zerodha. Many peers like kotak, ICICI Direct, etc is having GTC facility.

I feel it is a minimum & basic requirement for the clients so that there is no monitoring of pricing on daily basis is required. . Expect to get it soon with Zerodha . Please revert.


any update on this? It is more than a year. It cannot be on to do list forever. This should be something basic that is available across many platforms now.


ZERODHA in general is really risky for trading. just giving low prices is not what one wants… you have “SOME REAL SERIOUS ISSUES” with your trading platforms and i have calls recorded with your support team which also is arrogant and in now way competent to give proper answers.

because you faced some technical issues my order in CRUDEOIL just sat there on the trigger price while the price surged ahead… called your helpline and all they said " WE ARE FACING SOME ISSUES "… that’s the most ridiculous answer i have ever recvd. I did complain to SEBI with the audio recordings.

i definitely am not recommending you guys anymore to others… i was earlier with SHAREKHAN and now i am moving back to SHAREKHAN.

it is really DANGEROUS trading with you… especially “commodities”


I think one of their employees mentioned this facility will come in next few weeks in some other post i read


You can create longstanding orders similar to GTC/GTD orders using Sentinel Baskets.


No good…we need a proper GTC Order


@nithin , I believe at least MCX already supports this: https://www.mcxindia.com/market-operations/trading-survelliance . So, does enabling GTC orders for MCX still require your own layer and exchange approvals?


We originally had these GTC orders on MCX. We faced multiple issues before we had to plug this out. Will get this checked again.