Why don't the charges on my contract notes match with what is shown on your brokerage calculator?

Why do the charges on the brokerage calculator and my contract notes differ?

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Stamp duty charges varies from state to state. Brokerage calculator doesn’t capture stamp charges and hence it may vary with the charges that appear on your contract note. But we do have an option for you to simulate a contract note by adding your state of residence.

Add your trade on brokerage calculator and click on + contract note

Select the state in the dropdown to see the contract note including the stamp charge. You can see equity&currency or commodity contract note next to this dropdown.

You can go back to the brokerage calculator and add more trades.

Hi Nithin,
But even after considering stamp duty charges, the two numbers were not the same. Is there anything else we need to consider to get the exact net profit?

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Is it the rounding differences you are talking about?

Please check your total traded amount the STT will be calculated on that in most of the cases. For a particular trade STT may be different than total profit at the end of the day.

Sorry, it was my mistake. The way I calculated was wrong.

How I was calculating is:
If I buy 100 shares of X at CP1 and 150 shares of X at CP2 and sell them at 100SP1 and 150SP2 then take buy average ((CP1100 + CP2150)/(100+150) and sell average (using similar formula), enter those buy and sell average values on zerodha brokerage calculator page with quantity = 100+150 and check the P/L value.

I learnt from zerodha’s call centre representatives that that way of calculating is incorrect.

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The way I calculated was wrong. I shouldn’t have simply calculated buy avg and sell avg and calculated brokerage as 1+1 transactions.

Does equity brokerage calculator includes dp charges on sales?