Why getting this error : option strike price basd on ltp?

I am getting error when trying to sell Banknifty CE 26300 or CE 27200 with current strike price at around 26800.

Why I am getting this error?

Error: Option Strike price based on Ltp percentage for entity account - ( my account ) across exchange across segment across product

what does this mean?

was this problem before also or is some new, NSE or SEBI rule?


Just checked, getting this error on buy orders as well. So we cant trade on just any option now but only a select few?


kind of got the answer but still not satisfied : Order Rejected RMS Rule

I guess this problem is particular with zerodha. I just placed order (sell banknifty ce 26200 @ strike price around 26790) with sharekhan and it went through easily.

So would there be any workaround for this here?