Why has BN Straddle/strangle margin gone down suddenly?

I know that two major things that affect margins are the contract value(dependent on index value*lot size) and on the volatility level.
In the last few weeks volatility has increased quite a lot and index has fallen from 38k levels to 34400.

But will this cause the Straddle margin to go down from 1.7 lakh to 1.3 lakh?
The falling index will lessen the contract value and reduce margin somewhat but the rising vix will cause the opposite effect. Now i dont know which effect is bigger, but I’m baffled as to why final Straddle margin has fallen from 1.7-1.8 lakhs to 1.3 lakhs

Yes. no need to “baffle” over this.

Why does a 10% fall in index reduce margin by 25%?(38k to 34400, 1.75L to 1.3L)

These margins Zerodha changes every minute. They show one thing in basket and when real trade happens another thing. Only God know how they really determine the margins. Same day same moment some others brokers determine margin based on their Risk Management Parameters. If market makes a wild move on Monday morning, these margins will change.

Index levels and VIX gives a general idea on margin thats all. Keep enough buffer and place trade.

Thanks for the response. Though it was totally useless to me. I already know that margins change dynamically and that I should keep enough buffer.

Social media is filled with traders who suffer from a victim mentality. Apparently everyone is out to get them. Brokers, Exchnage, big institutions and so on, everything seems to be against these guys with victim mentality. Your comments about zerodha gives off similar vibes. As if zerodha is running some vodoo shop and their mission is to get you.

I don’t suffer from such a mentality. I take accountability for my actions and I don’t believe that everyone in the world is hatching a conspiracy to fool me.
Margins are dynamic and I wanted to understand more about it from a knowledgeable person. Instead I got you commenting on my English and then another victim mentality answer.
Next time, don’t bother commenting when all you’re essentially saying is “It is what it is. And we can’t do anything and everything is against us.”

I choose to learn and understand more about how things work.

I appreciate your quest to understand the core, however on a daily basis we are exactly seeing “vodoo” . Sometimes I call a spade a spade and have got banned from forums as some feel them as “brutal”.

I’ll wait for someone else to answer. Let’s see.

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Some theory