Why i am not able to buy options from kite web terminal?

when i want to buy say options i get difficulties particularly in options buying and selling.and even for adding the option in kite watchlist.
for example: if i want to buy 8900CE mar 2017 call option, i am not able to find it in kite watchlist and also not able to buy or sell the option. why so, is there any other shortcut for doing so. but i dont face such problem in pi terminal. how to rectify it.
any solutions.

hello trader,

Scrips will start showing up on kite market watch only if you enter the scrip name correctly and in the right format.

Make sure u are typing this format correctly in the market watch as given below:

nifty mar 8900 ce


Please let us know if you have figured out on how to load it now.

You have to type ‘Nifty 8900 CE’ in the universal search box and it will load up the current month, near month and far month contract of the entered strike price.

yes, i got it,
thanks a lot for information.
have a grt trading

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