Why I am unable to buy SGB in Zerodha

Thanks for clarifying on SGB Taxes Siva, Will I get the interest on the SGB’s bought from Secondary market? Like: I bought SGBAPR28I-GB today, will I be entitled for an annual interest of 2.5% on this SGB unit bought from secondary market? Thanks!

Yes, you will receive directly in to your bank account.

If we buy before 1 year and hold it till maturity, it doesn’t come under the category of LTCG at all.

Thanks @siva, @AJ007 and @akshit for your thoughts. Were anyone of you able to get in touch with any good CA and find out our case? Any credible info will be of big help please.

No, it won’t.

I managed to write to the RBI and got a response from them.


@Siva I applied for SGB in this latest tranche and received the certifictae. however I am not able to see it in my account. Could you please let me where I can see the latest tranche of my gold.


Until SGB’s are listed in market, you won’t see them in Kite holdings, you can see them in Holdings on Console.

Thanks for the response I will check.

When would this get listed in Market?

From date issuance, it usually takes 10-15 days for SGB’s to list on exchanges. June SGB issue was allocated on 16th June and listed on market on 24th June, so going by that July SGB listing should be around the corner.

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Okay, Thanks for the quick reply.

How can I add last month issue to Kite? June 2020 month SGB

Just search for SGBJUN28.

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Is it better to apply for SGBs through Zerodha or through a Nationalized bank? Please share your experiences.

I’m asking because I read some messages in this thread about a few people applying through Zerodha and getting short delivery.

If I buy SGB’s in secondary market I am clear with that I will receive 2.5% interest to my primary bank account.

My question is:

  1. How long should I keep this in my holdings to receive interest. For eg: I am holding for 3 months and sold to someone else then he holds that for 3 months, in this case who will receive interest ?
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Who ever is holding at time of paying interest will receive full interest, prices which are quoted in secondary market includes 3 month interest earned, so they are called dirty prices. Anyhow check this to know basics about bonds.

Hi guys,

I hold SGBs in certificate form but need to sell them in the secondary market. What is the process? Is there some link where I can read the process for the same? Please help

@Bhuvan can you.

Hello VenuMadhav and Zerodha team,

Is this NSDL/CDSL problem solved and did RBI allow you to transfer Inter DP? I see the qestion is from November 2016 and today is 30th September 2020 so there is 4 years passed. So I am asking.

Also if this is still not solved, than is there any working way to buy SGB in Zerodha (like the HDFC Securities did)?

Hi, you can Buy SGB through Zerodha, the process is similar to purchasing stocks.