Why I I don't see ITR-3 as an option - I only see ITR - 1 and ITR - 4

Apart from interest from bank account - I also have income from capital gains as well as income from FNO trading.

Last year i.e. FY 22-23 I filed ITR 3 on income tax website, now I don’t see ITR-3 as an option so I must file ITR-4?

ITR-4 is only applicable who wants to choose presumptive tax correct? I don’t want to file tax as fixed % of income. @Meher_Smaran @Quicko @Jason_Castelino

It is available in the website.

It gives me only itr1 and itr4 and I guess this link answers the question?


There is excel utility available.

You must not file ITR-4 just because ITR-3 is not showing in Income Tax website. IT deparment is releasing the forms for online filing in a staggered manner. So it might take some more time for the availability of ITR-3. If you have urgency in filing your returns, then you can file ITR-3 by uploading the JSON file created by 3rd party applications.

You can generate JSON for ITR-3 from Quicko for free of cost.


I guess no one has idea on which date itr3 will be available on tax website correct?

Correct. Dates for the forms release are not announced before hand. Hence you are adviced to keep the data ready, so that once the form comes you can file easily.

In Quicko I observed that many fields are missing, hence I’m not willing to file using Quicko.

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Ideally it should be available on May 1st (after end of FY )

That’s why I suggested to use excel utility which is coming from official website.
Anyways. Most of them use third party software’s for filing returns. Including me. It’s much more convenient.

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So you use excel utility and than upload it to tax website?

Nah. We have softwares which does all the work for us starting from registering an assessee till we file return and even e verify.
I suggested you to use excel utility because that’s the only one that’s available from official website right now.


Hi @curiousvi

Yes, the Excel utility is available on the e-filing portal for ITR 3 as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also Prepare your return on Quicko by importing your trades from Zerodha and entering other income details.
Once the return is prepared, you can file your return using the JSON on the e-filing portal.


yeah, it’s weird the gov wants us to be diligent. Yet, they take their own sweet time with these things.

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