Why I love streak but prefer TradingView

I am new to Zerodha. Frankly havent even started here, but will be moving things around from other brokers.

Streak is great. It has opened up backtesting and simpler algos for everyone. Its going to find many adopters. But I need the following.

A full fledged chart above the backtest results like in TradingView that shows the buy and sell points on the chart. The ability to then layer supports, resistances, CPR, Expiry date labels and other indictors in conjunction with the “backtest buy sell points” on the chart before taking future decisions. Basically new buy points will then be manually analyzed with all the information.

This seems logical and makes me feel more in control. Or maybe I am just too used to such a system.
Does @Streak plan to have these in future?

We already have this in the mobile app, and on the website it will come with the new version being worked on, there you will be able to plot indicators you want(some will be plotted automatically).

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I never thought of the mobile app (and my trial expired). I am surprised you made the mobile app more comprehensive than the web app.

It could be just me, for me when it comes to trading, mobile is for a basic look - and Desktop is where I spend time analyzing charts and algos and making the more important decisions.

Look forward to desktop app catching up whenever that is :wink:


The point is to be able to provide flexibility across platforms in an inclusive and intuitive manner.
Streak offers all its key features in both web and app, with the slight differences in the UI.
The new web is under work and will be announced soon.

Currently, users simply visualize their ideas on Kite charts(chartIQ/TV) and then build & optimize the strategies on Streak. On the web, it is convenient to easily switching tabs to b/w charts and backtests, so both analyzing charts and strategies can be easily done even today, while in the app this is more difficult hence backtest overlay charts came earlier in app.

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Can we implement TradingView strategies on streak since streak itself lacks a few indicators preventing me from building my strategy. My suggestion either keep a request an indicator section or try to help with the TradingView strategy implementation?

Strategies from tradingview can be implemented in Streak provided that the current functions support the functions you have used in the Tradiview strategy

You can write to [email protected] with your strategy request.

Hi I wanted to take a look at streak but I am just not able to login at streak.tech. I am zerodha client so I tried the login via kite option and nothing happens. The page just refreshes.

Hi @k3kr3,

You can follow the instructions shared in this link

Please write to [email protected] in case this does not get resolved