Why I should trust Pi?

Pi , entering into fully automated trading as a reply from user named Algogeek.Here any one can become a user and post un -ethical reply/comments. As most of the reply coming from Zerodha members and they enjoy the legacy( See points Nithin sir- 20000 etc… )My friends usually call me a heartbreaker, because I usually ,say the truth by hurting them. Always says use Politics but ,I don’t know, what is that ?

  1. Chart sometimes not updating, Unable to trust Pi.

  2. For a symbol if snapquaote is on the price freezes. Rest all are updating.

  3. Time lags during the span of a day.( My post in Pi update still under moderation for last one week).

  4. Algorithms not working perfect.some stages it starts in deadlock by giving frequent buy/sell signals . Answer from zerodha team is unbelievable and unacceptable.i

  5. It usually take 5 to 10 min to setup Pi according to my wish. But a net disconnection cost me to start from the beginning. Unexpected behaviour and errors. ticket generated but awaiting answer.
    I know a phone call can make difference. But This is the truth. Any answer / Suggestions ?


Can’t make any sense of your first para. I have 20000 points because I have taken the effort of answering atleast 1000 questions on tradingqna. Yes, the thing with open forums is that anyone can write anything, it has got both + and -.

I am going to be closing this question, because it is not really a question. Any Zerodha related issues, let us discuss on Zconnect or send email to [email protected]. We dont’ want to turn tradingqna into a discussion board.

But here is the thing, looking at all that you have pointed, get yourself a really good broadband connection and it will all be fine. If your internet is over 10mbps and stable, u will not find any of the issues u r talking about. Also try using one of the latest computers, which are more powerful. Pi is quite resource intensive.

About this algorithms you just pointed, can you send me an email to [email protected] with the issue u r facing.