Why IPO applying has a time window like of 10 am to 4 pm?

Why IPO applying has a time window like of 10 am to 4 pm?
Why we can’t apply or place an order for application full day after an IPO is open?

Or, is it only for some type of IPO application like ASBA etc this restriction applies ?

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All applications needs to be finally placed on stock exchange platform.
This platforms are open for specific time in a day, so the restriction.

We place AMO orders even though the stock market is closed.
Can’t brokers collect the order offline and execute it when the IPO ordering systems are open?
How we place online order for everything even though the delivery happens only during the specific time period?
BTW, I remember I used to place IPO orders on ICICI Direct few years back anytime during the IPO open days. May be it is still possible on ICICI Direct. I haven’t tried it recently though.

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You asked me a question why it is 10-4 and I gave you answer to it.

Regarding what broker’s can do beyond that, is broker’s choice.

Brokers can also collect bids even before IPO starts. Some brokers (including ICICIdirect) are already providing pre-IPO facility where they allow to apply for IPO 2 days before the start date.


Thank you for the answer and details about what brokers like ICICI Direct are doing.
Why other brokers like Zerodha should fall behind ? I think I am forced to apply for IPO from ICICI Direct if such advantage exists there.

@siva when are such features going to be available. Rough time line would help instead of just promising ‘we will soon provide it’ or the famous ‘we are working on it’ :slight_smile: