Why is Closing price and settled price different? PLEASE HELP

I have a strategy that I buy stocks at 3:29 PM and book at 9:15-9:30 AM next day. But I just realized the settled price of my stock was 1% less than what it actually closed at. Eg. Stock closed at 1000 but the settled price after market is showing 990. Can any one explain this please.

LTP is not the closing price. Closing price of any scrip on any day is the weighted average price of last 30 minutes of trading for that day. But daily settlement is only for future contracts and daily settlement price is based on closing price of futures contract. So, in the above case if the underlying is equity then there will be no settlement price as such but only closing price and as mentioned earlier it is not LTP (last traded price) for the day. As in this scenario even though closing price is different to LTP your buy price will remain the same and your final pnl will not be effected because of this.

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