Why is Coin based on demat?


MFUtility doesn’t show XIRR / CAGR. It displays your asset holdings by percentage (equity / debt / cash); and it doesn’t show invested cost either.

I use Valueresearch for this; but since MFUtility has these issues, have since moved to <-- Text Cannot Be Displayed —>. <-- Text Cannot Be Displayed —> displays absolute returns for investments less than a year; and XIRR for investments longer than a year.


For that you can use MyCAMS app and CAMS website.
CAMS and Karvy cover almost all the MFs, hence you can transact from any of the website or app by :

  1. MFU 2.CAMS 3.Karvy
    No hassles here. Just download the apps or go to website and register yourself there as well - they will automatically fetch the holdings. folios etc.


Thanks mate!


Again on the MF…does VR give all these parameters like returns/XIRR?
I am somewhat familiar with VR. Never tried Kuvera. Is it a safe platform?


Thanks buddy. Will explore kuvera.


Consider a case when some person is doing SIP of RS. 1000 per month in two different ELSS fund for three years. Now if one has to rematerialize those units as he can’t sell ELSS schemes before 3 years, he has to pay:

Remat charges: (2x12x3x150)+100 = 10,900 ???


Why would you want to rematerialize the units before 3 years ? :slight_smile:


love your this comment