Why is Coin not enabled in new accounts by default?

I’m a new user of Zerodha and I joined it only for investing in direct mutual funds. My account has been activated and I am able to transfer funds and trade in equities but Coin is not enabled so I’m not able to proceed with mutual funds.

Why is Coin not pre-enabled in my account? Why do I have to contact support and wait for their response (which I’ve been waiting to receive for many hours)>

Hi Nishant! You will have your Coin account enabled by default, if you have a Zerodha trading and DEMAT account. Use the same credentials to login to Coin. It may take up to 24 hours to get enabled. Have a look at these FAQs for more info - https://coin.zerodha.com/faq9

You could also have a look at this webinar on how to use Coin and how to browse through the various mutual funds available - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIvqXeQ90Wo

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Thanx. The Support enabled it this afternoon and everything looks perfect. I’m in process of redeeming my regular mutual funds at other distributors and will buy them here in direct mode.