Why is Exide falling?


Share capital is constant,reserves are increasing,d ebts are almost negligible,PAT is increasing yoy basis.Then why is Exide Industries falling continuously ? Are there any corporate governance issues or company doest have any future in electric segment ?

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EV is a Disruptive technology for Automobile Sector. at present technically automobile sector is in a downtrend, for some segments of the Auto sector EV is a loss of business opportunity, i don’t know whether Exide is in Lipo Battery segment , if they are not in that , its a loss of business opportunity and also Auto companies like Maruti Suzuki , Mahindra & Mahindra are cutting down the productions and is nothing but business loss for Auto component /Battery manufactures. Since technically Auto sector as a whole in a downtrend its a shorting opportunity. Since i am not a " Fundamental Analyst " get information from fellow investors.


Hmmm…Very good point highlighted. Thanks!


What you are looking is historical performance. This is exactly what financial reports are posting from information. You need to watch for current general market developments and possible issues in world market or local regulation which might impact company’s business

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