Why is Kite built with such a minimal interface?


I was just curious as to why Kite is made in such a minimalist manner? Isn't it better to have more information while trading to make more informed decisions?


We don't usually answer Zerodha specific questions on tradingqna, but yeah this is like a sales pitch I can't resist. ;)

Kite is a radically new trading platform. Super simple and easy with no big red or green boxes, no dark screens, no hundreds of numbers ticking in multiple colors, zero clutter. Rid of as many distractions as possible to offer a serene experience.

With markets already volatile, secret to winning while trading is to stay patient and not feel anxious on a trade. Kite is built to aid users in this journey.

As they say, “successful trading is about finding the calm in the chaos”. 


Hello Trader,

Adding to the answer from Nithin:

Kite is a web browser based trading interface.

  1. The minimal design makes trading and investing accessible from any device with an internet connection whether it is a phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop.

  2. The minimal design makes it work efficiently even with slow internet connection.

  3. It is visually pleasing and makes trading and investing simplified for the less tech savvy.

Also note that even with its minimal design KITE stands out to be one among THE BEST trading platforms on the Indian Stock Market.

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Hello Trader,

As for as information is concerned no information is actually real rather than the actual price itself. The news and information you are hearing/seeing would have already been digested in the market before we can react.

As for as KITE is concerned. Keeping it simple has many Pro’s than Con’s. Trading is about taking decisions in calm rather than the chaos…


Kite has a good interface. The concern though is that it is unstable and just doesn’t work when volume surges. Zerodha has not tested it properly and need to fix.


Yeah I agree with you. Well I personally prefer to use Pi as my first choice and I think Kite is not great for an active trader. In Kite everything is so minimized that it becomes difficult to read into the data.


this way clean and very efficient with less noise
more data lead to more noise and more confusion,just find out its gonna up or down from a certein point thats all


Can the above be summarized in to “load faster”


:wink: yeah you can.