Why is My pi software stuck indefinately on "loading contract for subscribed exchanges"?

My pi software is stuck on "loading contract for subscribed exchanges" for hours. 

  • My net speed is more than 2mbps
  • I have already updated Pi too.
  • I have already re-installed Pi in the default directory many times and also tried installing it in a different location many times.
  • I have deleted bin files several times.
  • After a fresh re-install it only works one time, but the problem continues after restarting the pc.

I have spoken to the support helpline several times and posted a support ticket. The operatives on the support helpline have not been able to resolve the issue even after hours spent on team viewer. They have asked me to contact the IT department for technical help.

Please give me a call back and correct the issue on teamviewer as soon as possible.

Here are some other people with the same issue too:


I'm asking here because the support department is not helping me fix the issue for about 1 month now and I'm starting to lose hope that they ever will.

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send e-mail to [email protected] or call them 8040402020