Why is OI of CE higher then OI of PE today?

I have recently started analysing CE and PE open interest, found surprising that OI of CE was way higher then OI of PE, where as market moved up. If put writings are more OI should be less for CE. TIA.

OI Analysis is not absolute. It is not always true that market has to move up or down based on the OI. Those are just indicators. There could many reasons why market moved up. There was significant correction on Monday. This uptrend could be due to short coverings. Also the strike price of the PE and CE are also important. Please do mention which PE & CE you are referring to. Thanks. Happy trading :grinning:

Generally for stocks CE is higher becuase of covered call used by institutions
For index or stuff which are generally cash settled PE is generally more
For intraday the oi added during the trading hours is imp not what was already written

I am referring to today’s Bank Nifty CE and PE. During Intraday it did show good support at 35000-36000 with higher PE OI but later data was indicating at 37000 with high CE open Interest. It was basically cross over with PE at 37000 and then higher CE OIs.
Is it Some News or heavy investment or just usual phenomena?

I am referring to Bank nifty OI.

Connect the dots note when exactly ce went up from pe
You can very well see banknifty is underperforming nifty so shorts must have been added
You will understand as your observe the market over a long term
Don’t rush