Why is "Open Interest" function not working?

hello @Streak

I have made the below condition in my strategy for divergence in open interest, but unfortunately not getting trades, is the indicator supporting or not??

Period min(5, Low(-1) ) lower than Period min(10, Low(-11) ) and Period min(5, Open interest(-1) ) higher than Period min(10, Open interest(-11) )

there are no results in any given timeframe, plz check and guide


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Hello @Rama_Prasad_Shah

Kindly note that you are trying to run conditions on Open Interest on equity stocks. Open interest is the total number of outstanding derivative contracts, such as options or futures that have not been settled for an asset, thus the given indicator is supported only on derivates contracts and not on equity. Therefore, you are getting the message as “No trades Happened”.

Do run the strategy on derivative contracts and it shall work fine.

The image is attached below for reference:

To learn about the Basics of Open Interest, refer to the links below: