Why is Tataglobal FUT lot so high?

I want to buy a lot of Tataglobal FUT but I don’t want to risk 4.5k per point is there any reason for such high qty per lot of this scrip?

2 reasons, I think:

1- Tata Global has rallied a lot recently so what was a 8-9 Lakh rupees lot back in September has automatically become a 14 Lakh rupees lot
2- NSE (& SEBI) has not been on top of lot sizing for several stocks. We had likes of India Bulls Real Estate where, at one point, the lot was over 25 Lakhs and then there are some like Lupin where the lot size is < 5 Lakh.

SEBI has been concerned with retail participation in these risky instrument therefore advised NSE to keep a minimum lot of 5 Lakhs (that’s a whole another topic for discussion). But I think they should also come up with some reasonable rules for max lot sizes and revisit them a little more frequently.

~Neha (www.VRDNation.com)

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