Why is that amount in contract note and ledger doesn't match?

I am maintainig a journal and recording profit/loss, brokerage and taxes charged. Yet balance as per journal and ledger report doesn’t match. What can the reason be?

@RahulN If all of ur trades are intraday then u will get accurate detils in contract letter and back office and ledger, if ur are trading in Future & option, they will deuct margin on buying date, and when u Squre off ur trade they credit back ur entire margin money along with profit or loss if any…

To overcome this isue i use actuall profit and loss in option trade and enter it into my jounal…see aattched screenshot for more detils

i trade intraday only yet there is a difference. i have written to my broker but no reply. i am wondering if they pocket the difference.

ledger also count for withdraws and dp charges, they are not not contract notes.
check if you have these charges, else drop a query to support or consult a tax expert.