Why is the volume for gold trading, so low?

In the whole day, only 54 quantities were traded!!

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i just entered commodity section and see, quantity falling down… No one seems to be interested in GOLD :slight_smile:

Yes… But Why?
What could be the reason for that? Such a volume poses inherent risk to its price…
It can be anything due to this… Where are the institutional players? How come they are not trading commodity futures?

That’s because you have selected the April futures that is about to expire soon… Try the June future… good volume there… check out over here on mcx website


You can also check out which contract month is most active from this link at mcx:

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OK… I understand you… Even though it is going to expire… but still, the trading volume is very very low!!
Don’t you think so?
Or is it fine for everyone? And even if its near expiry… Why is the trading fall happening?

Gold is compulsory physical delivery contract.Tender period will start 5 days before expiry date.Whoever having position in Gold after this tender period will have to take compulsory physical delivery by paying full contract value.So only participation is less.