Why is there stray tick in liquidbees?

@Bhuvanesh can you please tell me why is there are stray ticks in liquidbees?

If i see fundamentals the low was 995 and high 1010, how is this big difference possible?
( just see chart to see this big dip)

What are exact market risks associated with liquid bees?
In one of replies on similar posts you have replied that there may be no growth for shorter duration such as some months, apart from this how immune are they to market crash?

Finally, if i have given POA to Zerodha then what is the maximum amount i can pledge online?

Thank You

May be at opening if some one fires market orders this can happen if there is no enough liquidity.

There is no upper cap I believe.

People who probably don’t know must have placed orders there. Which is why you always use limit orders when trading ETFs.

The risks are the same as any other debt fund. But the in case of Liquid ETFs the risks are very minimal. The reason being they only invest in security called Tri-party Repo which is fully collateralized. They don’t take credit risk, duration calls and hence risks are minimal. The returns will be in line with the RBI repo rate.

No limits as such

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