Why is Zerodha claiming all these rules and regulations, when others aren't?


Appreciate it very much. Thank you for the response.

A simple like would suffice on the comment , but when you give a honest and clear response like this. I have to type it out…


Liked the last part of the call where the official replies to the question on consequences of ‘mistakenly’ not collecting margin upfront for intraday trades - He goes like - “WHY ARE YOU ASKING ABOUT BREAKING THE PROVISION OF THE CIRCULAR? RIGHT NOW WE ARE ONLY INSPECTING END OF DAY MARGIN REPORTING - WE MAY ALSO START INSPECTING INTRADAY - IF FOUND THAT MARGIN COLLECTION IS NOT DONE - IT WILL BE CONSIDERED A VIOLATION” - In simple language - Circular follow karna ich padega! No if’s and but’s - period!
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@nithin @siva when can we expect this client referral incentive to be live again :no_mouth:

Hopefully this week.

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Great job nithin. Zerodha is the best.

I love zerodha , @nithin sir please bee on rules , if my money want to safe means My broker want to clean , Zerodha is clean in a ways i like . i have peacefull nights :+1:


You are the Best. World Class

@siva @nithin Any specific deadline can we expect by 20th of January ?

Feb 17th is when I think this peak margin reporting will most likely have to start. So I am guessing that is like the deadline.

Have explained peak margin bit here

@nithin what about margin reduction for headed strategies . Will they be live in January.
Also does zerodha has necessary infrastructure and rms to support this after receiving nod from regulators.

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SEBI has something called a RMRC (Risk management review) committee, that is scheduled to meet this month when the decision will be taken. What is going to be agreed will not be extremely aggressive (strategies requiring only max loss), so I am guessing most brokerage firms RMS will be ready in quick time.


@siva @nithin any specific deadline also for restarting of referral incentives :no_mouth:

All accounts referred from Jan1st 2020 will along with our rewards also get this additional 10% brokerage incentive.

We will be announcing this on monday.

What bigger can be testimony of success for an entrepreneur when they are called out for following rules. It calls for a big long week celebration. On a serious note:

  1. The funny brouhaha over leverage, more so targeting brokers is actually like targeting a TV analyst for market collapse. The rules of the games are not decided by brokers, neither any single constituent.
  2. It reminds the cabal of 80’s and 90’s of BSE who were trying to run parallel banking system through margin funding, badla financing etc. Apparently with SEBI it was assumed that the cabal holds no more influence, looks like now few left out!
  3. Leveraged instruments doesn’t take away either inherent risk or even residual risk as the exposure remains same. Worst is self attempted funding by few brokers to provide money for the leverage. If you try to get into NBFC or banking activities expect more screws and regulations on you. The rules will become tighter and tighter.

Rather than blaming rules trading or investing doesn’t require one to be leveraged. Under capitalisation can be overcome by systematic achievement of higher expectancy of a system over a period of time. Leverage helps but then again it’s a facility given, not part of basic rules of auction place.

I have realised a beauty of discount brokers (including Zerodha), it reinforce self discipline in maintaining your risk management. Unless one has terrible accuracy record your chances of going bust is almost zero. When your risk of ruin is zero , you won half of battle already, thanks to your broker.


Dear sir thanks for pursuing this with exchanges
Where can I see the amount of brokerage earned via referral?

@nithin where can we see our referral earnings
I can see just referral points in console

Rewards are available here and one referral point is equal to 1 rupee, see this post to know more about it,

@siva @nithin I have referred 10 + clients where can I see my earning (10% of referral brokerage) and how can I withdraw funds

Can check this.