Why isnt Zerodha registered with NSDL?

Almost all of my friends have accounts in NSDL. I have account with Zerodha hemce with CDSL.

Why isnt Zerodha registered with NSDL?

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Maybe you should educate your friends about this or share with them the link to this thread.

To the end user it really does not matter which depository your shares are sitting in as you as an investor will only interact with the ‘Depository Participant’ like Zerodha and not directly with the Depository like NSDL or CDSL.


But i did not get answer. Why Zerodha isnt with NSDL? All the major brokerages are with NSDL.

what is meaning of nsdl

I have found the following formulars over the web lately - National Securities Depository Ltd and Central Depository Services Ltd allow investors to deposit securities on opening accounts. The securities like shares, debentures, bonds of investors are held in electronic form (dematerialised form) at the depositories.

The investment we make via Zerodha, will it show up in NSDL monthly report?

@VijayNair @TradeB2B @ShubhS9 @cvs do you know which broker is linked with NSDL?
I know one, Kotak Securities because i Have account with them. Any other ?

@pankushri icici direct is linked with nsdl and axis sec