Why liquidbees value doesn't vary from 1000 in spite of having good volumes on this ETF?


Liquid BeES have a face value of Rs 1000, the interesting thing is that the returns to the investors is in terms of daily dividend which is again complusorily re-invested into the same liquid BeES.

So for example if you bought 100 units today at Rs 1000, tomorrow whatever return you would have made on this for 1 day is used to again buy more units of the same liquid BeES at Rs 1000. The extra units is credited to your demat account once a month.

So if you had bought 100 units at Rs 1000 on the first of the month, you might have 101 units at Rs 1000 at the end of the month, the value remains the same ,but your return is in terms of more units.

Do note that there is no guarantee on return of investment on Liquid BeES


If the liquid bees incur loss, then will the units quantity reduced.