Why MCX removing all Mini contracts one by one

When I first enter the stock market I have seen Mini contracts of many instruments like Copper, Nickel, Crude and many more…
Few months back MCX stopped Nickel and Copper mini contracts I don’t know why. Now I came to know that with in few months it is going to close Crude Mini contracts also. Please let me know why they are doing this.

Thanks in advance …

Crude mini will be discontinued after December.
The main reason is not to have two contracts for a same commodity.
Removing crude mini will hurt many traders.

If they have rule not to keep two contracts for the same assert they should not keep it.
They made us to trade comfortable in those Mini contracts and now they are removing not a good move I think.
If they want good number of volumes then they should not remove Mini’s.
I think this is part of game to introduce MCX INDEX Futures.

I think out of all the commodities only crude has highest volumes, that too in mini contracts. But now they are removing it which will result in decline of volumes.

the motivation is to improve liquidity in option segment , the option volumes are picking recent month

Right, above is the main reason, also to standardize the contracts across as mini are customized products of mcx.

Why aren’t there any commodity based ETF’s? And why doesn’t’ anyone take the initiative to start it?

Gold ETFs are there, may be once commodity indices are there it would be easy to come out with more commodity ETFs, mcx is coming out with indices and with futures on it.


They want to remove retail participation as much as possible, since retail only trades for speculation.