Why mid & small caps are falling?

Any reason why mid and small caps are falling ? Is it mutual fund re-balancing requirement? Is it good time to start adding them in small quantities for investment horizon? Most media houses are luring to buy large caps but they have already run up. But, these are mostly trading calls for few days that confuse novice investors ?

Firstly if media or analysts are asking something, definitely it is a TRAP.

Since Ashwani Gujral was so concerned and asked retailers to protect themselves and stay away from midcaps, I am definitely going to add midcaps soon.

But wait, most of the good midcaps have been moved to ASM last week e.g. Rain, HEG, Venkys, Graphite etc

Let them fall, let other retailers panic and sell them. Then mutual funds will buy them at lower prices.

You buy then when those mutual funds buy, keep tracking the stocks.

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