Why mutual funds invest in new age tech companies?

It has been more than a year since most of these new age tech companies are listed. Although most of the time, markets have been volatile with lots of ups n downs, the direction where these headed in the 12 months have been consistent - only downside :-1::-1:

These companies burnt crores of rupees of VC money for years and still haven’t been able to make any profits and as what seems like a last option, got themselves listed and gave a nice exit to many VCs

Main question which one must ask is — > Why Mutual funds have invested crores of funds in such companies giving an exit to rich PE and VC guys while wasting investors money?

Debashish Basu in this video asks relevant questions related to this topic

One reason is that, if tech or other IPOs are ignored, market does not grow, and the stocks which are good will become more valuable.