Why my charts are not updating itself and not dynamic on kite web?

help me to get rid of this chart issues, everytime I have to click on refresh button for updating the chart, why is it going to be itself, on kite web? @Kshiteesh_Saralaya

glitch error sometimes occurred i have seen it too many times… but its temporary

Can check your time standard once, it should be IST.

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thanks, done :slight_smile:

Same problem is with me… I am done Change the time But nothing Happen.
Plz Help.

Hi, can you message your ID we will get this checked. You can also raise a ticket at support.zerodha.com

Its Done . Thank You. I have done this Currect and now its Working.

Hi, my charts are also not updating on real time basis, I have to refresh the page to update the chart. what could be the reason??

Explained here.

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I sorted it out. Actually you just need need to keep the watchlist feed open, charts update the data from the watchlist feed. Earlier I had popped the chart out and closed the feed.

I have tried two things and they worked wonders for me:

  1. Automatic Time Sync : Zerodha Offical Solution

  2. Keep the Kite Console/Feed open in one tab

  3. Update the browser

Post to all the above do refresh the tab and Voila :slight_smile: