Why my Margin Available Doubled? Did I make a proffit?

Hi, I’ve began to learn trading with just Rs. 600 /- which I’m completely willing to lose.

I got my account ready by today and transferred 600 to my Zerodha trading account.

I entered into CNC and MIS orders and bought and sold multiple times by EOD and I’ve no positions held before markets closed.

What I don’t understand is, my total account value is 600 after markets closed, and margin used is -10.59 and my margin available is around 1210.59 etc.

What does this mean? Did I do any profits? Please look at my order book and dashboard and tell me whether I’ve made a profit or loss. Also please explain me how to understand or any link if available to understand the same.


My executed orders:

@newInvestor123 You have not made any profit.
Your Account will be Updated with Correct amount Tomorrow Morning.
To See day Profit & Loss Check your Positions tab.

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Thanks a lot Mr.Sumit. I checked my positions tab, and I can see an amount of 10.55 in green. Probably I can consider it as profit and this paltry amount would be almost equal to the cost of trades like GST, SEBI charges and short terms capital gains tax which leaves me with no profit.

Anyway, this is the beginning. I’ll know more things and book trade before investing more money.

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You can calculate your profit and Loss here after all tax and Brokerage here.

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P/L get update late, probably your balance will come down due to brokerage and other charges, instead of soo many trades, make less trades and earn more