Why? my Stop loss not executed as place


Hello everyone,

Today, I saw my stop loss not executed as place.

I buy stock at 177.40 and placed my stop loss at limit 165 and trigger 165.50. And kept my laptop aside after some time I checked the LTP is trading at 142 and my stop loss not execute how it is possible.

I modified my tarde and sell it on market price.

What is the issue in this case. can anyone explain me please.

Do I need to contact and complain to zerodha.


To avoid such instances I generally maintain a minimum gap of 10-15 (depending on stock price/range) so that if stop loss is hit, square off trade is executed at whatever next available price.


Can check this for more on using stop losses.


Just use SL-M , I always use it


thank you everyone for response

now my doubt is clear